time flies

when you are learning how to teach English to others. Many moons have passed and much has happened. Even the end of the world was cancelled by some guy who found a better Mayan calendar. I’m guessing the Mayans didn’t fancy carrying around an extra 7000 years worth of stone so they dealt with an abridged version for everyday use. I can’t say I blame them. If not for my phone I’d never know the date or time. Handy. Seeing as the world will be around later this year, I feel okay with a teaser for next time.

It was a dark and stormy night…


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Coffee, knitting and pilates

The three things dominating my life right now are coffee, knitting and pilates. Ok, maybe there are four when you add preschool to the mix. The kids now go four days a week allowing me to have a bit of free time.

Pilates is a new, young love. I had my first mat class Tuesday. I wasn’t completely convinced that pilates isn’t designed to torture unsuspecting folks like myself. Going to class while recovering from a cold didn’t help. Today I had my second class. This time I tried a tower and chair class. I loved it. The warm up stretches made me aware of every muscle I worked on Tuesday. The exercises worked different areas including my arms which need the most help. After today’s class, I have decided to stick with it. I actually had a great time.

Knitting has been keeping me pretty busy as well. In truth I haven’t been knitting as much as crocheting. I am making hats; tons and tons of hats. I don’t mind because these hats wi be funding my pilates classes. Clever, eh? I think once I am caught up on orders I am going to market to Bridget’s classmates assuming I don’t get entirely burnt out.

Back to making hats now. Of course I have a large white mocha to keep me company while I wait for an awesome group of ladies to join me.

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Back to blogging

Now that summer is slowly coming to an end, I have decided to start blogging again. The kids are growing and experiencing new things at an incredible rate. Both started preschool this week and Bridget started dance last week. We are all getting used to the new wake-up time and routine. Be on the lookout in the next few days for new photos and posts!

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I got a new camera and a new camera strap

and it is glorious!

I picked it up used at Biggs Camera in Charlotte. It is in excellent condition. The fellow who owned it before me upgraded to a D700. I am loving it!

However, because I purchased it second hand, it didn’t come with a camera strap. That’s where phatstraps comes in. I got an amazing strap from them (and one I am gifting). The strap is great and the shipping was super fast. I am incredibly pleased with my purchase. You should check them out!

Here’s what my sweet strap looks like

If you are thinking about a cool gift for me you can always order me another in a different print 😉 I like the quick release. It makes for super easy changing. I also recommend the minky padding. It is heavenly!


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I have been bitten by the sewing bug

Some lovely ladies I know organized a quilting bee of sorts. I didn’t think my sewing skills were good enough to participate so I didn’t sign up…


I decided to practice a bit so I bought some fabric from Mary Jo’s and attempted some simple pinwheel blocks.

I had a bit of difficulty with the polka dots not lining up. Turns out it’s not me, it’s the fabric

(these squares aren’t sewn together yet)

I got a bit more ambitious and did this

then this

I made two more blocks later that night then gave it a rest.

Today, however, I decided to make Bridget a dress

It took all day to make and it isn’t completely finished, but I think it looks pretty good!

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another knitting project

For the first time in a long time I was terrified of a knitting project. Most of the time I have a can-do attitude. I can knit anything. I may hit a few snags along the way, but generally, there is nothing that intimidates me. This time a very simple little pattern had me shaking in my boots, or Clarks as it was. The pattern is called Summerlin. There is nothing challenging about it knit wise. My fear came after the knitting. You see, once you have knit the top of the dress you are required to sew fabric to the top creating the skirt.

I am a terrible sewer. I made it through with unfinished edges and poor tension, but I made it through. I finished the dress. I must say it turned out rather fabulous considering how much stress it created.

I think I will attempt this pattern again. Hopefully I will begin the project with more confidence and finish with an even better result.


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a day in the life of

A couple weeks ago I decided to take photos of our day. Here is how it went

Bridget woke up first

Then we got Bode and let him play a bit

Next it was time to take a shower

Then a bit of play time in his booster for Bode

While Bridget got situated in the bath

and showed off her clean foot

meanwhile, I took the opportunity to unload the dishwasher for the first time that day

Bode was screeching for food so I obliged

Bridget finished her bath and chowed down on some “goatmeal”

While I put Bode down for a nap Bridget found her Bear and insisted on having him photographed

She then dressed herself. Yes folks, that is a rash guard, tights and crocs on the wrong feet

Bear needed a nap like “brudder”

Time to wash Bridget’s sheets which were the reason for her getting a bath first thing in the morning

After starting the laundry Bridget helped load the dishwasher

Time for some major organization and cleaning



“I westing mama!”

“Ok sweetheart, mama’s noobing.”

Bode’s up


Potty treat

time to be silly with Mei Mei while mama folds laundry

helping wash the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher

It was then time for Panda to get up from her nap

However Panda’s time awake was limited. After a wardrobe change Bridget decided to take a nap with Panda and Piglet

Bode was wearing down too

Or maybe he was just mad that his sposie left red marks on his legs. Back to basics!

nonetheless, he needed some rest so I could make him some squash

Exhausted, we all waited for daddy to get home. Bridget showed off her cool shirt

I was so tired that I had to stop taking photos and rest. Who knows what the rest of the day held. I can almost guarantee more meals, another nap for Bode and many more potty treats.

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